Lv BA F R W Special
1 0 2 0 2 Healer, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy
2 1 3 0 3 Talent, Woodland Stride
3 2 3 1 3 Talent, Trackless Step
4 3 4 1 4 Talent, Resist Nature’s Lure
5 3 4 1 4 Lycanthropy
6 4 5 2 5 Bonus Feat
7 5 5 2 5 Heart of the Wild+1, Evasion
8 6 6 2 6 Talent
9 6 6 3 6 Heart of the Wild+2
10 7 7 3 7 Bonus Feat
11 8 7 3 7 Animal Companion (Lycan type)
12 9 8 4 8 Talent
13 9 8 4 8 Heart of the Wild+3
14 10 9 4 9 Bonus Feat
15 11 9 5 9 Improved Evasion, Multiattack
16 12 10 5 10 Talent
17 12 10 5 10 Heart of the Wild +4, Talent
18 13 11 6 11 Bonus Feat
19 14 11 6 11
20 15 12 6 12 Talent

Healer: The Druid gains x2 use for healing alchemic consumables. (Potions, Flasks, Salves, Healer Kit) Adding a die 1 size greater to the effect. (1d6 →1d8+1d6 | 1d8 → 2d8)
Talent: Druids can Talent inside the healer alchemy trees so long as they meet the requirements for the talent. A Druid can also choose to use a feat as a Talent.

Lycanthropy: When a Druid reaches level 5 they voluntarily contract lycanthropy, but are not immediately in control of their forms. They instead add their druid levels+wisdom modifier to a d20 roll in order to control their shape.

Lycanthrope characters possess the following racial traits.

+2 Wisdom.
Size same as the base creature or the base animal form.
Low-light vision in any form.
Scent in any form.
Racial Hit Dice: A lycanthrope adds the Hit Dice of its animal form to its base Hit Dice for race, level, and class. These additional Hit Dice modify the lycanthrope’s base attack bonus and base saving throw bonuses accordingly.

Racial Skills: A lycanthrope adds skill points for its animal Hit Dice much as if it had multiclassed into the animal type. It gains skill points equal to (2 + Int modifier, minimum 1) per Hit Die of the animal form. Any skills that appear in the animal’s description are treated as class skills for the lycanthrope’s animal levels. The lycanthrope’s maximum skill ranks are equal to its animal form Hit Dice + its racial Hit Dice (if any) + its class levels + 3. Any racial skill adjustments of the lycanthrope’s base race and its animal form (but not conditional adjustments) are added to its skill modifiers in any form.

+2 natural armor bonus (in animal and hybrid form only).

Special Qualities (see above): Alternate form, lycanthropic empathy, curse of lycanthropy (in animal or hybrid form only).

Damage reduction 5/silver (in animal or hybrid form only).

Heart of the Wild: The Druid gains an animal hit die (d8) as if they had multiclassed as an animal of his/her lycanthrope type. The Druid also gets +1 Natural Armor in hybrid/ animal form, and choice of +1 Strength or +1 Dexterity in any form.

If a Druid fails to maintain human form for 1 week, or voluntarily gives up their humanity they permanently assume hybrid form and may not shift to humanoid again while alive.

A voluntary transformations lasts 24 hours or until canceled. An involuntarily lasts til sunrise.

A druid gains the special attacks of its lycan form when in animal form and is seen as an animal.

In hybrid form the druid may make use of armor, weapons and actions available to a humanoid. They are however, viewed as a monster.


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