Mage Talents


Level 1:
x2 use for healing consumables. 1d8 added to effect.

Level 2:
Touch Attack
Requires: ATT 13
Your alchemical attacks count as ranged/melee touch attacks rather than thrown weapons.

Control Experiment (Rationing)
Requires: ATT 13
Gain +1 use of damage items.
You can take this specialization multiple times.

Item Focus(Damaging Item)
Requires: ATT 13
+1 to attack with selected item.

Experienced Mage
Requires: ATT 13
You add your level to damage dealt with alchemical attacks.

Level 4:
Item Specialization(Damaging Item)
Requires: ATT 14, Item Focus
Add +1d6 to damage dealt with selected alchemical item.

Requires: ATT 14
Adds a nondamaging effect to an alchemical attack (such as grease, fog cloud, etc…)

Requires: ATT 14
Causes an attack to recur its damage for 1 round / 3 levels.

Test vs Control
Requires: ATT 14, Control Experiment(Rationing)
Allows you to make reflex saves vs damaging alchemy effects. DC = Attack users 10+Int+(1/2)Level

Level 6:
Control Experiment(Shape)
Requires: ATT 15, Control Experiment(Rationing)
Allows the alteration of area of effects to create cones, cylinders, clouds etc.

Requires: ATT 15
Adds a saving throw component to an alchemic attack (producing effects, such as blind, sickening, fear.

Requires: ATT 15, Experienced Mage
Passive Effect that allows + to research new abilities.

Requires: ATT 15, Experienced Mage, Test vs Control
Allows you to take effects from things you see in battle, or kill and turn the substance to liquid form with a successful Craft(alchemy). (Fear in a Bottle, think Final Fantasy Blue Mage).

Level 8:
Requires: ATT 16,
You alter a healing potion to restore all damage to an ability score along with normal healing. This effect consumes the full potion.

Level 10:
Chimera’s Breath
Requires: ATT 18,

Mage Talents

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